Physician Referral Policies

We appreciate your business in using DFW MRI as your diagnostic imaging resource.

Below are our guidelines for referring patients.

DFW MRI requires a written order for all scans to be completed on a patient’s behalf. We DO NOT accept private health insurance patients and do not have any cash prices other than what we globally bill for our other Letter of protection clients.

If you would like to send over a requestion for a patient, please send it to or fax it to 214-320-1400.

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Final Reports

Reports are available through our web based EMR system called Rapid Results. Please ask your marketing representative on how to get set up with a portal for on the go results and real time updates on your patients. Our reports are generally available 24-48 hours after a patient has completed their study, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Scanning Limitations

Limitations for Patients with:

**Pregnant patients may be scanned after their referring physician consults with radiologist

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A Water’s View X-ray is required for exclusion of retained metal if the patient has ever experienced a metallic foreign body injury to the eye regardless of when the injury occurred. If a patient’s acceptability for scanning is questioned, please ask at the time of scheduling. If you would like, fax your patient’s record for review, 214-320-1402.