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Serving the greater Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, we offer the latest in state of the art medical imaging technology. Cutting edge technology, the most knowledgeable physicians and radiologists, and fast, accurate reports is what defines the DFW MRI experience.

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An MRI (or magnetic resonance imaging) scan is a radiology technique which uses magnetism, radio waves, and a computer to produce images of body structures.

Uses magnetic fields to create detailed images of soft tissues and organs.

Combines multiple X-ray images for detailed information on internal organs and bones.

Digital X-ray images provide information for diagnosing bone issues, including fractures, injuries, arthritis and more.

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Our ACR accredited facilities offer the latest in state-of-the-art MRI technology as well as a caring, knowledgeable staff of technicians and radiologists to assist you with all your healthcare needs.

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Absolutely stunning. While I have had the unfortunate need to get MRI’s for ongoing shoulder issues, I have to say that this new DFW MRI location is incredible. The staff were attentive, the location is super clean, modern, and way faster than previous scans. I was very very pleased with my overall experience.


I had a very pleasant experience with my MRI scan and X rays at this location. Jimmy, Veronica, Lauren, and Ariana are so friendly and best at what they do. I was so fearful of the whole procedure, but Veronica and Jimmy made me feel so relaxed and comforted me thru the whole procedure. This is the place to come for x-rays and your MRI scans.


Here at DFW MRI we provide MR, CT and X-rays.
Please bring a Valid Photo ID, any priors valid to today’s exam, and any referrals that were given to you.
Wear comfortable, metal-free clothing, no jewelry or makeup if at all possible. We will change you into a pair of scrubs if any article of clothing is questionable for metal. You will also be scanned to ensure there is no metal if you are having an MRI.
You will get a phone call, email and a text confirming your appointment time and the address.

We have some tools we use to help with claustrophobia and will do whatever we need to ensure that you are comfortable and able to get through your exams.

Reports will be sent back to the referring physician within 48 hours of your exam being completed. After that, your provider will reach out to you with results or will go over them with you at your next appointment.

You will be given a CD of your images after your exams are completed. If you happen to lose the original CD we are more than happy to give you another one, but will have to charge a $25 fee for supplies.

If you have any implants you need to know the make and model to give the information to the scheduler at the time of scheduling. We will research the implant so we can make sure you remain safe throughout the entirety of the exams.

Please call the office immediately if you cannot make your original appointment. This is the scheduling phone number 214-320-1400.

Yes, all piercings must be removed before having an MRI as most contain metals that could harm you when you are in the magnet suite, or they could make the images unreadable and undiagnostic.

If you are having any head or neck procedure, we suggest not wearing any makeup, wigs, weaves, eyelashes or anything else on the face or neck.


We welcome referrals from physicians. We strive to provide fast, accurate results and provide these results in a convenient manner. Read more about referring your patients to DFW MRI